Things that happened 20040213

Bought some Mirror Platinum 4x DVD-Rs, only type the shop had. First 1 burnt fine. Next 5 errored in exactly the same way. Upgraded the firmware on the Sony DRU-500A burner and the next 3 have been fine.

Monk has gone from cool mysteries, to more recently, easily solved mysteries, to most recently, telling you the answer right at the start. Very annoying. Apparently the maths guy will be in Serenity though, so that's cool.

Numb3rs is ok, if rather bland. They've got the guy from Northern Exposure, the guy from Taxi, the guy from Ally McBeal and the girl from Sports Night and Sliders, and they've turned them into normal characters. That's not cool. And the title sequence sucks.

Medical Investigation gets more "why would they do that" crazy. Miles' story was so obvious and simple, just filler, although the ending was nice. And the other story they solved out of left field, obviously it was supposed to be about the problems of the main guest star, but couldn't they have solved the medical problem better?

Time Team was pretty good, Iron age people during the invasion of the Romans. I really need to learn more history that's not based in the UK, to wikipedia I go.

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