The Cola Wars 2012-2018

The Cola Wars were the worst Mankind has ever seen. In 2010 most governments around the world banned Coke and Pepsi from advertising due to health risks associated with their products. With over $3 billion in spare cash both companies invested heavily in the arms business.

However due to the increased health of the global population everyone was happier, and wars stopped happening. Fearing their investments would be wiped out and searching for a way to increase their respective drinks' market share both companies hit upon the solution: Fight for it.

Free weapons were made available if customers sent in ring pulls, and soon the smell of sugar coated violence was in the air again. Brother turned against brother, father against son, cherry flavoured blood flowed in the streets.

In, what is now considered the first global civil war, the losses were high, but eventually some good was seen to come from it. The overpopulation problem was reduced slightly, no more trucks with Christmas lighting were seen on TV, and instances of burping were severely curtailed.